Spirituality is doing all the things that feed your soul, nourish it, connect you with your inner self, with Divine power, with nature and with others in the most meaningful and purposeful manner. It is a process to understand the real purpose of your life, to know your actual identity and responsibility towards the entire universe, to experience God, to find-out your hidden capabilities by refining and expanding their consciousness. Spirituality can re-establish peace, love, and harmony among people.

“Spirituality, in whatever genuine form of practice, brings purpose to our life and gives us a destination worth going to.” __ Gaur Gopal Das


Awareness in spirituality is being mindful, knowing that everything good or bad happening to you has either some reason(punishment or reward-past oriented) or some purpose(to serve or to get- future-oriented), ultimately finding the good in everything and to believe that there is someone Supreme controlling all this.


Spirituality is connecting with your inner self, the people around you and the Divine power to bring your spirit at peace. If you are not properly connected to any of these, you will lose your balance and de-track.

Connection with Inner Self!

Connecting with your self is to listen to your inner voice, a voice of your spirit when you are sad, happy, anxious, angry or afraid instead of reacting immediately without looking deep down in you. Listen to what your soul wants in that situation and seek guidance from it. Listening to your spirit leads you to the path of peace and fulfillment.

Connection with others & Nature!

You must have read it somewhere that people treat us the way we treat them and we reflect everything that comes to us. I could not agree with it more. You are a spirit, energy. If you think negative or positive, it transfuses into everything around you. If you are having more negative people in your life, its a point to stop and think about what you are giving to them. It may not be you who is wrong in the first place. If your connection to them is of love and compassion or aggression? We are all interconnected to others and with nature. For example, in the case of Humans, there are bakers, carpenters, engineers, builders, clothing, and shoemakers. We depend on them for our living. In the case of Nature, trees exhale and we inhale, we inhale and trees exhale, we eat their fruit. So being mindful and being grateful to everything around you, you would not do any harm to anything around you.

Connection with God!

“What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” —A.W. Tozer

Different religions have different beliefs about God, but the only thing that makes sense is that to be a God, one has to be inhuman, independent and uncontrolled otherwise there is no difference. Humans having the superpowers can be a superman or superwomen but not a God. Because we humans are dependent and controlled, and those who are controlled can’t be God. Everything in this universe, including the universe itself, is created and the one who can be created could not be a God. So, while connecting to God, it must be clear in the minds that He is the one who has created this whole universe. He is our Creator and whatever comes to us is from Him. He is very kind, generous and forgiver and to show our love to Him, we must choose His path of kindness, generosity, and forgiveness. To be happy and peaceful, we have to keep HIM happy by keeping all around us happy with our kindness, love, and compassion.

Following the spirituality, you find out the real purpose of life:

To Serve the God

To Serve Mankind and Nature

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