purposeful life

To live with purpose sounds great but when it comes to real life, we all are often clueless, what is the real purpose of life and how to live purposefully?  To live the meaningful & purposeful life, you need to know that our whole life stands on the three basic pillars:

Relation with Ourselves

Relation with others

Relation with God

and to have its purpose met, these all pillars must be in balance and built on strong grounds of personal attitude. In other words, living every moment, comprehending how is it seeking you to react, what effects it would make on others, positive or negative and is it going to give you peace and calmness. If answer is yes, you have lived that moment purposefully. It is all about your attitude. This all starts with us. Our whole life is what we put in. I strongly believe the people we meet, the things we get, the success, the failures, friends and enemies, all are our reflection. They do not choose us, we choose them. Our relationship with us, with others and with God defines the life we live. And for the purposeful life, these all must be in harmony. Only then, can we realize the true meaning of life, the real happiness, the actual satisfaction and eternal peace of soul and mind?

Feeling satisfied and happy is not about ignoring the challenging and negative situations of life, but to handle them sensibly to have the life we want to live. We are the authors of our own stories. We have to choose how to react in a particular situation by handling the challenges it is offering to us. Staying positive is the only key. Happiness does not come automatically. We have to choose. There are always two sides of the picture, It’s unto us which side we choose to see. Things might look bad today, but they have some purpose in our lives and this belief keeps the hope alive in us and the reason to be happy at the moment. While keeping this attitude of positivity, never let go of the steering wheel of spirituality as said by Gaur Gopal Das.

“Spirituality, in whatever genuine form of practice, brings purpose to our lives and gives us a destination

worth going to. At times we may feel empty or lost or have an existential crisis when we feel that we do not know where our life is taking us. It is at those times that we must hold the steering wheel of spirituality tightly and press on. The steering wheel comprises four pieces: our spiritual practice, the association that we keep, our character and our service to God and to others. When all these aspects of the steering wheel are adhered to properly, they give us the ability to drive the car of our life towards its destination.”

Let’s get there, together.

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