Then arranged in layers and kept on a low flame for few minutes. Origin of Biryani and Pulao; Despite both biryani and pulao being similar to a larger extent, the two rice products share different places of origin, which can be used to explain the differences discussed above. Veg Biryani For Biryani, rice and vegetables are separately cooked with Biryani Masala.

Veg Pulao For pulao, soaked rice and vegetables are cooked together with Pulao Masala. The spices used in preparing biryani is high as compared to pulao, this gives the biryani a very rich aroma and texture. The biryani was also created by layering the rice and meat (which could be pre-cooked or kachcha) and that sets it apart from the pulao. The pulao of Delhi evolved into the many biryanis of India, where higher levels of spices were added, including khus khus, copra and sesame in Hyderabad.

Different research studies have attributed the invention of biryani dish by the Mughals. Key Difference: The primary difference between Biryani and Pulao is that pulao is a one pot dish in which all of the ingredients are mixed together and cooked in one pot, while biryani is cooked by layering par-boiled rice with other par-cooked ingredients. Biryani and Pulao are two different types of food dishes. Compared to the biryani, the pulao is a more humble dish in terms of ease of cooking and complexity of technique. Read below to understand the basic difference between the two that we love so much.

Biryani vs. pulao. The primary difference between biryani and pulao is the preparation method.

Use of spices. Biryani is made using the draining method of cooking whereas pulao is made through the absorption method.

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