Mac knives, as most Japanese knives and this sharpener, are ground at 15 degrees so this isn’t going to work on them. After testing a number of Mac Knives, we recommend steering clear of its sub-$100 options — there’s better value elsewhere. There is also a warranty and easy refunds or exchanges in the event of dissatisfaction.
Knife sharpening is not a really simple proposition. In the world of kitchen cutlery, MAC knives are legendary for their thin, lightweight blades with razor sharp edges – and the Superior bread knife doesn’t disappoint. Editor's Note: This review was created to serve as an updated, more thorough, and more expansive version of a 2013 article about our favorite chef's knives. It’s lightweight, has dimples, and stays sharp longer. The Best Chef's Knife Overall : Mac 8" Professional Hollow Edge Chef's Knife. Japanese knives are coveted for their beautiful and detailed design, as well as the cuts they produce. The exquisitely sharp edge, tough steel, and curved profile give a clean, smooth cut with each stroke. The Japanese Mac Professional Hollow Edge Chef’s Kife is the best thing this editor bought in 2018. This Wüsthof 8-inch chef's knife is razor sharp and super versatile. Take a look at our Best Japanese Chefs Knives Top 6 guide for a comparison against 5 of the other knives you should consider. You can purchase this knife for about $145, which is not the most affordable but still a reasonable price for the quality it has. In addition, this isn’t really a “sharpener” but rather a honer, and simply replaces the steel rod many folks use. Neither of them “sharpen” a knife, they just adjust the burr that develops with use. For the rocking motion style of chopping, this comes in hand. The Mac Knife MTH-80 professional chef's knife is a worthy investment and provides excellent value for its price. Reviews of Our Favorite Bread Knives Best Overall Performance: MAC. For a knife of this size, the blade has significant depth. This is an extremely sharp and well-priced chef's knife that, at six ounces, is pretty lightweight. Or read on for more information about the Mac Santoku 6.5″ Chefs Knife. Mac knives are recommended all over the place — see: Wirecutter, Epicurious and Buzzfeed — as an ideal entry point into knives that aren’t going to chip and widdle away.

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