Its going to be way below the Tesla temperature recommendation of 45 degree (F) for my summer stock tires.

But when I took the SUV in last week to get the winter tires put on, I was told that the winter tires were already on it. Summer -> compound that doesn't attract water, so it has better wet traction, skidding all over in snow. The results show that the braking distance of a winter tire in summer is longer than that of an all-season tire, especially on a wet road surface.

Summer tires excel in both dry and wet warm weather conditions but become too stiff in cold weather to be able to provide reliable performance. If you're interested in pulling up to an event and driving straight out onto the track without having to change your tires, the Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec is one of the best.In fact, it's the preferred tire of the Tire … I have an appointment with Tesla service in 10 days to install my new winter Perrelli 20" tires, but the service center is 3 hours drive away. A winter tire has deep tread, with sipes that dig into snow and grip onto ice, providing shorter braking times. All Season -> compound attract water, so you have a little traction in snow.

There are many other things that give tires grip in the snow.

Winter tires with worn tread blocks don’t provide as much grip on icy, snowy surfaces. Driving 70 km/h on wet pavement … By contrast, the compound of winter tires is much softer and less vulnerable to cold temperatures. Best Summer Tires: Top Tires for Driving In Warm Weather Experience better handling, precise braking, and responsive steering in warm weather with the best summer performance tires Some summer tires are awsome in the wet while others are nearly slicks and are horrible. The snow tire's 12.7-second effort for 2nd place is significantly better, but the summer tire tops them all with an 11.9-second performance, over 20 percent quicker than the all-season tire. The rubber compound on summer tires … The tread pattern isn't designed with compromises for snow and ice traction. But you can't put enough sipes in a summer tire to give it useful mobility in the snow. Without deep grooves and intact traction features, your tires won’t channel snow, slush and water as well.
Swapping Tires … Driving on snow tires year-round could compromise optimal tread wear and ultimately be more expensive than just changing tires out for the season. Winter is slippery, which is why regular summer or all-season tires simply don’t cut it.

For the last 13 years, I've run studless snows as my year-round tires, both on sedans and on heavy 4x4 vehicles. Winter -> big blocks, big studs, everything you need to stay on the road in snow or ice.

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