This indicates how long they take to grow and when in the season they will be ready. Ill.:, montage: Most serious gardeners know the difference between determinate and indeterminate tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum). While determinate varieties will only produce tubers around soil depth, indeterminate varieties require mounding because the tuber will continue to produce additional layers of fresh potatoes, resulting in a …

However, these varieties are suited for bag growing because of their high yield. I actually had MORE yield on my volunteer potatoes (which I have been harvesting all summer)- thank goodness there were some left in the ground from last year- otherwise I would have had a very poor harvest. The plant delivers a relatively early harvest. Indeterminate potato varieties, which flower continuously throughout the growing season, are better for bin growing. Adirondack Blue New Potatoes If you want a new potato that will shock and awe, you should reach for Adirondack Blue seed potatoes. Indeterminate varieties are slow-growing and can take between 80 to 120 days to fully stop. Determinate potatoes flower once and produce one layer of potatoes, so they are not suitable for bin growing.
Indeterminate Potatoes VS Determinate Potatoes for Container Gardening Container gardening will restrict the amount of space that the roots have, unless the container is over 18″ in size. Potatoes are categorized as either early, mid, or late season types.
I choose one of each variety. (btw- with blue potatoes I get a low yield where ever I plant them- I think that is standard for some blue varieties). They are marketed as all-purpose, t Select between determinate and indeterminate varieties depending on factors like yield, garden space, and amount of labor. Determinate and indeterminate potatoes are defined by growth patterns. Starting Seed Potatoes Like I said previously, I bought my Adirondack Blue potatoes from a local garden store. They grow to a certain height, then stop growing. Many people choose to grow new potatoes in containers , and with new potatoes, it … These potatoes are a delightful bluish purple hue; the color fades some when cooked, but new potatoes should hold their color rather well. Several different varieties of potato fall into each category, so there are plenty from which to choose. Determinate tomatoes are the shorter ones, the ones that don’t necessarily need staking. Adirondack Blue potatoes are an early-season variety. They have good flavour. Adirondack Blue are round to oval potatoes with purple flesh and skin. This way, potatoes are produced in several layers of the bin instead of just one layer in the garden. Determinate potato (left), indeterminate potato (right). They can get very large, but can develop hollow centres when allowed to do so, and develop large eye cavities.

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