Purposeful Life

purposeful life

Purposeful Life..!!

To live with purpose sounds great but when it comes to real life, we all are often clueless, what is the real purpose of life and how to live purposefully?  To live the meaningful & purposeful life, you need to know that our whole life stands on the three basic pillars: Relation with Ourselves Relation […]

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It all ain’t over till it’s over.

It all ain’t over till it’s over.

End relationships that no longer work for you. As you could be spending time in a dead end. Rather head for more meaningful things. You could be missing opportunities while you’re stuck in a meaningless rut, trying to breathe life into something that is long gone.It all ain’t over till it’s over.

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Finding the meaning of life..!!

Finding the meaning of life particularly, is a difficult task. Everyone spends a different life, so having a different meaning of life for them. For some, Life is all about serving others. and for some it is having a complete family and spending it according to their family norms and rituals. It is love and […]

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Let the real love chase you..!!

There is a time when you look at someone and you feel yes this is the person I have been looking for my whole life. Looking at him/her makes you feel home and you can’t resist loving them, thinking about them. Then there is a situation, you wonder whether to declare your love to them […]

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Bravest Thing you can do is to keep Going.Don’t Give Up..!!!

  Yesterday on way back home from the market, I heard a son complaining to his father about a pain in his foot. And what his father told him was paramount. He said; “Son you need to walk to get over this pain, how will you recover without moving”. Sometimes, the bravest thing you can […]

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your worth

Do you know your Real Worth??

  Your worth is not determined by your money, your status or by showing mean attitude. But,it is determined by your character, your words, your values and the way you treat others.  

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A meaningful life..!!

A meaningful life is not being Rich, being Popular, being Highly Educated, or being Perfect. It’s about being Real, being Humble, being able to share ourselves and touch the lives of others. We need to understand that Life is a journey, not a race that we have to win. Its a dilemma of every society […]

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