I Am Scared

I am Scared

You know what, at times I am fearless I can say bluntly whatever I have to say Whatever I feel Without fear of getting judged I am loud enough to say that I love you Because Love is always loud But yes I am scared too scared of time, compelling me to switch my path […]

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When I look into your eyes

when the day drains me off and the sun sets giving its all, all done with my daily tasks weary and drowsy, tired and dead I get into my bed open my phone,s gallery where you are shining with all your charm I look at you and your sparkling smile I look into your bright […]

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What you think Sunflower has to do with other planets revolving around the Sun. Huh! It really damn cares. It only knows that Sun is its whole universe, its energy,its life and that’s the only thing which matters. It moves where Sun moves.

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Behind the Smile

Behind That Smile..!!!

You can deceive the worldof your sadness and lonelinessand hide a broken soulAll it takes is a beautiful fake smileto blind them from the truth behind.The only one you’re not deceivingis youfor the real you, is in your everyshattered reflection

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That Feeling

That Feeling..!!!

I’ll always like that feelingwith you at my sideeyes of menadmiring youmaybe it’sjust pride… I’ll always like that feelingwhen we kissand you blinkthose big brown eyes I’ll always like that feelingjust knowingyou’re allmine

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time does not heal

Time Doesn’t Heal..!!

Time doesn’t heal. And the wound knows it. Layers gather on the Layer but the damage remains, hiding itself deep inside the secret scar

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If you Could Readmy Mind.

If you could read my Mind..!!!

If you could read my mind, You’d see a thousand papers Filled with broken poetries And deadbeat proses Full of woeful verses With mournful pieces Of unfinished stories That are yet to be written And failed to be spoken; If you could read my mind, You’d hear horrible screams And earsplitting weeps From shattered dreams, […]

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Her Death

Her Death..!!

she kept her death within her breath, she joined the destruction with its half seduction. until she fell in love with its obstruction.

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The Fire..!!

And when the flesh burns as we both touchI knew I was the ocean trying to loveThe fire.

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She is not Ordinary..!!

Compassionate Heart and Sagacious grey With fiery spirit not meant to play Kindness from peer and amity of mother Inside she holds the venom of others By norms and rules, confined and restrain She sings with air; she dances with rain. Every time she fell, every time she stands Nothing can move her from her […]

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